The first AR Cloud Headset in the world
Wireless freedom

Stunning visuals

Fully immersive

High performance


ARCloud is the world's first AR Cloud headset that brings the metaverse to daily life

"The New Spatial Web Era Has Arrived"

Ali Hantal, Senior Testbed Coordinator of OARC.

Improved optics

Special lens design allows chrystal clear OLED display clearly visible from a short distance. This gives HyperHMD an exceptional lightness and comfort.

High performance

The power of the fastest and newest chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1; HyperHMD is capable of working with detailed content and large scale games.

Long battery life

5000mAH battery life gives the Arcloud hours of uninterrupted fun.

Online multiuser interaction

Unlike traditional AR Headsets; HyperHMD has a massive multiuser platform that opens many new doors for the world of future.

Computer link option

Remote update and uploading content service is very easy with a wired& wireless static connection link.

Immersive 3D audio

HyperHMD has powerfull 3D speakers and compatible with bluetooth earphones for extra sound power needs.

XRM Magazine

"Now this is a game changer"

Wireless freedom like never before

HyperHMD is completely wireless and powerful headset that creates ultime AR Cloud experiences.

Discover new experiences in ARCloud

UATech HyperHMD is compatible with the Metaverse’s most immersive platforms.

XRM Spatial Browser


XRM HOLOPortation


The first AR Cloud Headset in the world


Worldwide delivery

You can order your HyperHMD from everywhere in the world.

UATech warranty

Exceptional 2 years warranty.


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